Are your kitchen knives dull, 
garden tools beat up?

   Get them back into shape for faster, easier work.  
A phone call or email brings custom edge sharpening to your door. I sharpen on-site.  Your equipment is ready in minutes.  

SEATTLE:      Daily service available within city limits, including 
most weekends.

EASTSIDE:      I-405 corridor (within 2 miles of highway), from 
Renton to Totem Lake, at least 2X/ month.

Neighborhoods distant from northeast Seattle (West Seattle, Seward Park, north Renton, Bothell, Edmonds, eastside) will require pairing with other stops nearby, 
possibly affecting schedule of service.
Hugh Lade
Sole Proprietor
(206) 697-0504

*Professional kitchens require sharp knives to reduce prep 
   time and food waste.
  *Home cooks have more fun and efficiently prepare
      meals when using sharp knives and scissors.
     *Gardeners enjoy the ease and control of sharp clippers,
          hedge shears and shovels.
  Call, email, or text now to arrange a visit. 
Goodbye Summer of 2014--It was a great show!

And now...
Tune up your clippers, loppers, rotary lawn mowers, shovels and hedge shears, then drag out the yard 
waste bin.  Getting your garden ready for bed is 
so much easier with sharp tools.